Short-Term Immediate Immune Support

Jessica sets aside a limited number of appointments per week to see clients who need immediate immune support. These visits are most effective when they take place before a cold or virus sets in (when you feel like you’re ‘fighting’ or ‘coming down with’ an illness.) In many cases, a visit during this time can entirely circumvent the onslaught of illness and can prevent you from getting sick, or can shorten the duration and severity of your illness overall. Visits while you’re actively sick are effective in reducing the severity and duration of your symptoms.*

Your first immune support visit will last approximately 60-90 minutes and will include the creation of an individualized profile in the Biomeridian Galvanic Skin Response Device (GRSD). Each subsequent immune support visit would last approximately 30-60 minutes. To schedule an immune support visit or to request additional information, please contact Jessica by phone or email.

Long-Term Ongoing Immune and Sensitivity Support and Allergen Desensitization

The Biomeridian Galvanic Skin Response Device (GRSD) and Allergy Release Technique are employed through the creation of a closed circuit.  The client holds a grounding wand and the practitioner uses a small stylus to send a very low level of electricity through the meridian system.  The current is not a shock and is undetectable to most people.  Using the GRSD, we evaluate the speed at which the impulse travels through the meridian system.  Based on that speed, we can determine whether energy flow is impeded, accelerated, or within the optimal range and we can bring each individual allergen back into balance.  All sessions follow this general structure.

The initial visit is 60 -90 minutes and includes a thorough discussion of your health history followed by a functional health evaluation of your immune system using the GSRD.  Follow-up visits occur once weekly and last approximately 30 minutes. Depending upon your functional and immune health, 60 minute sessions may be advised.  Most clients attend weekly, but semiweekly appointments may also be an option depending on your immune health, responsiveness to the process, and financial/time constraints that may preclude weekly sessions.  The aim of the first one to three months is to bring the gut and immune health back to balance.  Depending on your immune and gut health, and your reasons for seeking ART support, this process of balancing can take as little as one month or longer.*

For clients seeking support with allergies and sensitivities, approximately two to three months following the initial intake, we will have another 60-90 minute visit during which we will conduct a full sensitivity screening (again using the GSRD).  We will test approximately 300 different possible allergens to get a comprehensive view of your level of sensitivity.  All food and environmental sensitivities and allergies appear on a report.  We use this report to design a plan to bring your sensitivities and allergies into a state of homeostasis.  First, we work on the sensitivities you are exposed to on a regular basis that may be causing underlying stress on the immune system.  Next, we work on the known allergens.

Based upon your reactivity, levels of exposure, and preferences we will determine a schedule for desensitization and reintroduction of individual allergens.  Once we have brought an allergen back into balance, the next allergen is slowly and systematically introduced to desensitize your system to it.  If, for example, the allergen is a food, it is introduced initially in a “pinpoint” amount.  First, a tiny amount is placed on the skin of the face, then nearer to the mouth, and eventually in the mouth.

While we are reintroducing an allergen, the ART process supports both your mind and your body.  An allergic response and an anxiety response have a similar physiological effect: they both stimulate the “fight or flight” response in the body.  For this reason, many people who have had an allergic reaction have anxiety about the food or other allergen.  In fact, this anxiety can sometimes spill over to other foods and substances, even when no reactivity has been experienced.  We address this anxiety using a “tool kit” based on cognitive behavior therapy, meditation and other techniques.  We teach you how to use the tool kit so that you are in better control of your reaction to an allergen.  By combining systematic desensitization with the tool kit, the ART process clears your mind and your body so that you no longer have an allergic response to the the allergen.

To schedule an initial visit or to request more information, please contact Jessica by phone or email.




Note:  Homeopathic and energetic remedies, such as those used by Smart Mouth Wellness, do not cure disease.  They may, however, improve your body’s ability to heal naturally on its own.*

The information included on this site is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. The reader should always consult his or her healthcare provider to determine the appropriateness of the information for their own situation or if they have any questions regarding a medical condition or treatment plan.

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