The Approach

Working with Jessica begins with a functional health evaluation of your immune system using the Galvanic Skin Response Device (GSRD) by Biomeridian.  The GSRD works with meridians – a network of energetic pathways that pass through organs and tissues in the body.  Acupuncture points act as windows into the meridian system.  When we apply the GSRD to specific acupuncture points, the bio-energetic energy travels through your meridians and allows us to evaluate which systems are out of balance or blocked.  Determining the blockages and sources of stress on the immune system is critical for people with allergies.

Reactivity and immune deficiency are often likened to a rain barrel.  With a healthy and properly functioning immune system, allergens don’t build up.  But when the immune system is compromised the allergens build.  These allergens are like drops of water in a rain barrel.  Many drops can fit with no spillover; the bucket simply fills.  But eventually the barrel fills to the top and cannot hold any more.  Each additional droplet, no matter how small, results in spillage.  You can think of allergen exposure as droplets.  Once the bucket is full, even the slightest allergen exposure results in reactivity.

The aim of our work is to get the barrel draining properly and to get your body to properly deal with allergens as they are encountered, thereby preventing build up and spill-over reactivity.  We begin this work with a full and detailed evaluation of your gut-health.  Seventy percent of the immune system is in the gut, so an overtaxed immune system will often manifest in gastrointestinal problems, and conversely an imbalance in the gut can contribute to immune issues.  This gut evaluation looks for bacteria, viruses, candida, mold and/or parasites that may be causing an imbalance.  We also look to see if side effects from heavy metals or vaccinations are causing an imbalance in the nervous system.  Next we look at the five trigger allergens: mold, dust, additives, chemicals, and sweeteners.  These trigger allergens can lock in other allergens and often contribute to reactivity.  Restoring balance to the immune response to these allergens allows us to encourage restoration of optimal immune function.

Weekly visits build upon one another.  We restore balance to the gut, clear out the trigger allergens, and then begin to address other allergens and sensitivities one at a time.*  Each week we evaluate your allergens.  As we bring them into balance, we introduce new ones, all while continuing to provide immune support.  If you don’t have significant reactivity but have recurrent bacterial or vial infections, these would be the focus of our work.  If you have no allergens to which you are severely reactive, but many sensitivities, these would be the focus of our work.  The approach and length of time would be determined by your immune function, your body’s acute needs, your short-term and long-term goals, and your body’s response to the work we do together.

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Note:  Homeopathic and energetic remedies, such as those used by Smart Mouth Wellness, do not cure disease.  They may, however, improve your body’s ability to heal naturally on its own.*

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