Sleep Wellness Water is an energetic homeopathic preparation which may aid in ameliorating sleep disruption*. If you have difficulty falling asleep, use Sleep Wellness Water at bedtime. Once in bed and ready to go to sleep, give the bottle a few gentle shakes and take a sip of water. If you have trouble staying asleep, each time you awake follow the same protocol as above (a few gentle shakes and a sip of water). Because Sleep Wellness Water is an energetic preparation, it is very mild and does not lead to a groggy or hung-over feeling the next morning.

Breathe Wellness Water is an energetic homeopathic preparation which aids in proper functioning of the bronchea, and may aid in ameliorating asthmatic symptoms*. (Breathe Wellness Water is an energetic homeopathic preparation, not medicine, and does not replace your rescue inhaler.)

Wellness Water is available for purchase in 8 and 16.9 ounce sizes. 8 ounce bottles are $9 each and 16.9 ounce bottles are $15 each (plus shipping). For folks in the Boston area, Jessica also does a mason jar exchange. Email for info.

To purchase Sleep Wellness Water or Breathe Wellness Water, or to schedule an initial visit or to request more information, please contact Jessica by phone or email. (Shopping cart and online ordering coming soon!)

Note:  Homeopathic and energetic remedies, such as those used by Smart Mouth Wellness, do not cure disease.  They may, however, improve your body’s ability to heal naturally on its own.*

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