How do I become a client?
Email or call (jessica@smartmouthwellness or 617-956-2957.)  Sessions are scheduled on weekdays after 5pm and on Saturday mornings.

How often do I have sessions and how long are the appointments?
For Ongoing Immune and Sensitivity Support and Allergen Desensitization, the initial session is approximately 60-90 minutes.  Most clients will thereafter have a weekly or biweekly 30 minute session. For some clients, 60 minute sessions will be recommended, depending on health history, immune health, responsiveness to the process, and client goals. For Immediate Immune Support, the initial session is approximately 60-90 minutes and subsequent visits are 30-60 minutes. These sessions are scheduled as needed rather than on an ongoing or recurring basis.

How long does the process take?
The time it takes to clear a person of their allergies depends on how the individual responds and the severity of their allergies.  In general, for severe allergies the process takes one to three years.

What is my role/responsibility?
It is important to understand that the success of the Allergy Release Technique depends on a true commitment to the process.  In order to obtain any significant benefit, a minimum commitment of weekly or biweekly 30-minute sessions is required, ideally for at least a year.  Clients are under no obligation or contract to stay on for any length of time, but they are encouraged to approach this work with the knowledge and understanding that their success with the process will be directly related to their commitment and attendance.

What is the difference between the two types of visits you offer?
Immediate Immune Support visits are scheduled on a one-time basis, as needed by the client. The first visit requires the creation of an individualized profile and lasts approximately 60-90 minutes. Subsequent Immediate Immune Support visits last 30-60 minutes. Each visit is independent from any other visit. The aim of these visits is to address acute immune stressors, including viruses and bacteria.

Ongoing Immune and Sensitivity Support and Allergen Desensitization is scheduled on an ongoing basis. You will schedule a weekly or biweekly visit, and each visit will build upon the work done the previous week. The aim of these visits is to address ongoing immune, gut health, sensitivity, and allergy issues. This work also entails a longer initial visit (60-90 minutes) followed by ongoing 30 or 60 minute appointments.

How frequently should I schedule Immediate Immune Support sessions?
There is no suggested amount of time between Immediate Immune Support sessions. These visits are intended to address acute immune stressors, and can be scheduled as often as you feel they are useful or beneficial (e.g., when you feel like you’re fighting a cold, in preparation for a surgery, during a particularly stressful time at work, when your asthma has been acting up more than usual, etc.) You may end up coming once or twice a year, or you may want to schedule two sessions per week for several weeks. It will depend on your physical state and your needs, and will be entirely up to you.

If I wait too long between Immediate Immune Support sessions will we have to redo the individualized profile?
Your initial visit will last 60-90 minutes and will include creation of an individualized profile in addition to immune support. Your individualized profile will be cleared three years after your first session. Any period between visits that is shorter in duration than three years will result in 30-60 minute subsequent visits. The only time we would have to redo your individualized profile is if there is a period of longer than three years between your visits.

Are any of the sessions covered by my medical insurance?
Sessions are not covered by medical insurance. Jessica can provide receipts for submission to your flexible spending account or cafeteria plan, but cannot guarantee that your plan will cover/reimburse for the sessions.

To schedule an initial visit or to request more information, please contact Jessica by phone or email.

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